Carla Sónia Godinho


Dancing has been always my passion since my teen age. I used to play records in my small living room and explore all kind of movements. My mother held her head in her hands when she found me dancing breakdance... Well, it was the 80's!

I found dance crucial in my life, in challenging and difficult times but as well at times of hope and happiness.

Dancing tell us a lot of what is inside of our minds and souls, and this can heal us, as we become more conscious of who we are.

Come and join me on a dance floor!


Who am I?

I am an Open Floor International teacher in Portugal and created the Open Floor Portugal project.

Member of the International Conscious Movement Teachers Association.

Vice president of the association "Dançar para a Vida"

Post-graduated in "Institutional and Pedagogic Applications of Art Therapy" by Portuguese Society of Art Therapy. 

With professional experience an trained in Dance and Musical Theatre.

Professional in Energetic Therapies, Yoga Trained and Reiki Master.

Project Manager in Information Technology.

Graduation in Electrotechnical Engineering of Systems and Communications.