Workshop - Pause, Listen and Dance!


Teacher: Carla Sónia Godinho

July 1, 10h30 - 18h00

Estúdio 3, Oeiras Dance Academy

Contribution: 50€

Registrations until June 24, 2018: Contact or +351 914721779.

This workshop has a minimum and maximum number of participants.




What do we not know within ourselves that needs to be expressed?

What do we not know about the next that helps to express ourselves?

Pause, Listen and Dance!
It is a dance workshop that invite us to a break in our routines and express our inner self by the active "listening" and through the movement.


It is also an opportunity to know how we express ourselves bodily and what beneficial differences happen when we receive support from others.



Open Floor, the floor is open to our dance!

Carla Sónia Godinho