Bare Bones



Date: July 6th, 18h00 - 20h00

Teacher: Carla Sónia Godinho

Venue: Prema Yoga, Rua de Belém 22A, 2780-206 Oeiras

Value: 10€

Registrations: Email to or contact +351914721779.





Bare Bones is an invitation to explore the value of coming back to our bodies and our senses, and of stabilising our attention and presence in our daily activities. It is a simple reminder of the possibility of being fully present if our bodies are met with awareness.

We will use Open Floor movement practice, that will keep us rooted in our bodies, open in our hearts, and attentive in our mind, as we explore simply being presented.
These sessions are intended to move our body, all its parts, and through the dance to tell our stories. This is the infinite choreography for Bare Bones.

      “We're a masterpiece of movement and nobody's noticing”
                                                                       Louis C.K